St. Augustine punk rocker Dan Andriano to end tour in Colonial Quarter


By Kara Pound


For more than two decades, Dan Andriano has made a name for himself as bassist, vocalist and co-lyricist of the punk rock band, Alkaline Trio. He also has a burgeoning solo career under the moniker Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room. A St. Augustine resident since 2007, Andriano is working on balancing his music career with duties as a father to third-grader Sophie Moon and husband to his wife, Sunshine. On Tuesday night, Andriano will end a countrywide tour in support of his new Emergency Room album “Party Adjacent” (July 2015 on Asian Man Records) with a show at the Colonial Quarter alongside co-headliner Jeff Rosenstock and bands Spraynard and Pet Symmetry. Compass caught up with Andriano to chat about the tour, what’s going on with Alkaline Trio and being homesick. Here’s part of that conversation.

Compass: How’s the tour going?

Dan Andriano: I’m driving myself around. It’s kind of a pain, but it’s fun. It’s like I’ve kind of missed it as far as touring goes. I haven’t really done a tour like this in a very long time. Like right now, I’m in central California from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It’s super different from what I’ve been doing a lot of lately, but it’s great. Everybody’s really nice and positive and just focused on the music as much as possible, so it’s super cool.

Compass: Jeff Rosenstock, who is co-headlining this tour with you, produced your new album, “Party Adjacent.” How long have you guys known each other?

D.A.: I’ve known Jeff for less than a year. Basically, last summer I had some songs, and I was feeling like I was ready to make a new Emergency Room record, but I didn’t want to do it the same way. I didn’t want to record it in my house in St. Augustine. I wanted to do it more like a band, but I didn’t really know how I was going to do that. So I called Mike Park, who puts out the records on Asian Man [Records], and he put me in touch with Jeff.

Compass: What’s the format of the show like with two co-headliners?

D.A.: We have two different sets. We switch it up every night, but we’re sharing all the dudes in the band. I only play once a night, but a lot of those guys play two sets a night, which is crazy to me. But they love it.

Compass: The last show of the tour is here in St. Augustine. That’s a nice way to end things.

D.A.: It’s a great way to end things. I’m excited. I’m excited to be in that Colonial Quarter. It’s a nice little place. It’ll be fun to go home and have a good show. And by the last show, we should be pretty good.

Compass: What’s going on with your band Alkaline Trio. Is it on hold while you’re working on this other project?

D.A.: Not really. We actually have a couple of shows in September that are like festival shows, but we basically need to make a new record. We’ve done a lot of stuff over the past few years, and then we just wrapped up a tour where we played all eight of our records in four nights in a bunch of different cities. So we need to make a new record. We’re not necessarily on hold – just need to get a new record done.

Compass: How do you balance life on the road with being a father and a husband?

D.A.: It’s not easy. I’m not sure that I am balancing it, right now. I’m extremely homesick, and I missed the first day of [his daughter’s] school. It just keeps getting harder and harder as she gets older. So, you know, I have to stay busy. I have to get up and work and do stuff. When I’m home, I just try to be as focused on them [his wife and daughter] as I can.

Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room and Jeff Rosenstock will perform with Spraynard and Pet Symmetry at the Colonial Quarter on Aug. 25. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 day of show. This is a general admission, standing-room-only event. Gates open at 5 p.m., and the show starts at 6 p.m.

5 Questions with Jeff Rosenstock

By Kara Pound


Compass: What are you up to today?

Jeff Rosenstock: Woke up super early today to drive from San Jose through the dust bowl down to Los Angeles. We have a lot of friends down here, which I know is a total biz cliché, but we do. So we’ve been hanging out and catching up. Right now, I’m watching Pet Symmetry shred their last song.

Compass: Will this be your first time playing St. Augustine?

J.R.: My old band, Bomb the Music Industry!, played the Harvest of Hope Festival twice in St. Augustine and it was awesome.

This is the first time coming through with the new stuff though, and we don’t play Florida a whole lot, so I’m super stoked. It’ll be great to end it in Dan’s hometown.

Compass: What can you tell me about Dan on a personal or professional level?

J.R.: Like most folks in bands, he’s a rad guy who likes hanging out. Making that record with him was super fun. The only thing I ever hope for is to work with people who are passionate about music, and he definitely falls under that category.
Compass: Your second solo album, “We Cool?,” dropped this past March. What else have you been up to?

J.R.: I just finished producing two records for two different buddy bands that should be out this year. Me and Chris Farren just finished up the first Antarctigo Vespucci full-length “Leavin’ La Vida Loca,” which is out now. Other than that, just tryin’ to find the cheapest lake house possible for me and my new wife to ditch the grid maaaaaan.

Compass: You’re well known for having a DIY ideology (or so says Wikipedia). Tell me more about that.

J.R.: Do I have to?