Royal family set to transfer duties


The St. Augustine Royal Family transfer will be at 6 p.m. March 16 in front of the Lightner Museum.

Kelly McTaggart will be the announcer for the occasion and will introduce the Entourage by a Spanish given name.

The first to enter will be the 2015 Royal Trio. Then, the new Royal Trio will be introduced along with their personal trainbearers and attendants.

The 2016 Royal Trio will be:

■ King Carlos II of Spain: Anderson Phillip Davis.

■ Queen Mariana of Spain: Stephanie Ryan Michael.

■ Princess Margarita Maria: Emily F. Courter.

During the transfer, each member of the 2015 Royal Trio will present their counterpart with a symbol of their office.

The 2015 King Carlos, portrayed by Joseph Solana, will present Anderson Phillip Davis with the king’s sword. The 2015 Queen Mariana, portrayed by Kerrie Suzanne Alexander, will present Stephanie Ryan Michael with the queen’s scepter, and the 2015 Princess Margarita.

Maria, portrayed by Allison Courter, will present her sister, Emily Courter, with the princess’s medal pinned to a pillow.

Sam Pacetti will provide the entertainment, and refreshments will be served after the transfer.