Pirate museum to celebrate anniversary of ‘Captain Blood’


The St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the pirate film classic, “Captain Blood” starring Errol Flynn, on April 11 on the grounds of the Pirate Museum and the Colonial Quarter.

Museum founder Pat Croce will be on hand to debut the latest in his trilogy of books about notable swashbucklers – “Henry Morgan, The Buccaneer.” Croce will participate in a book signing at the start of the festivities.

Other features of the evening include:

■ “Captain Blood” trivia and Errol Flynn look-alike contests

■ Face painting and moustaches available for Flynn impersonators

■ Specialty drinks in honor of the film to be available at the Taberna Del Caballo

■ Jamie Jackson of Pusser’s Rum will speak on aspects of pirate favorites Rum and Grog, providing samples of each within the Mercado Espana building on the Colonial Quarter property

■ On-site silhouette artist

■ Music from local piratical favorites Dirty James

■ Visitations from Captain William Mayhem, The Pirate Magician of St. Augustine — as well as pirates and swashbucklers galore

This is a family event and all ages are welcome to attend. Those age 21 and up can partake in the specialty drink and Rum & Grog tastings.

For information, call The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum at 819-1444 or email info@thepiratemuseum.com.