Memorial Presbyterian Church


Established in 1824, Memorial Presbyterian is Florida’s first Presbyterian church. The small congregation initially worshipped in a church made of coquina stone on St. George Street. The building was used until 1899 when industrialist Henry Flagler, the son of a Presbyterian minister, proposed erecting a new sanctuary in memory of his daughter Jenny Louise Benedict who died from complications from childbirth.

The only example of Venetian Renaissance architecture in the United States, the elaborate church features terra cotta frieze work by Italian artists, intricate mosaic tiles on the floors, hand-carved Santo Domino mahogany and a massive copper dome. Flagler is entombed in the family mausoleum at Memorial Presbyterian Church along with first wife, Mary, daughter, Jenny Louise, and granddaughter, Marjorie.

The church is open to visitors 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday. For information, call 904-829-6451.