Local Dish Spotlight: Impressive menu at the Blackstone Grille



Chef Charles Wang has been known to travel for hours if he hears about a good restaurant. While doing field work, he will bring back another delectable inspiration to add to an already impressive menu at the Blackstone Grille. Wang’s culinary career spans all the way back to Seoul, Korea where he began to learn his craft by working in his parent’s restaurant.

The Blackstone Grille’s menu offers flavors from many parts of the world, and many selections from Wang’s travels.

Wang has learned on site in many of these countries, and collected flavors and techniques from others. You can order appetizer curry beef empanadas served with a sweet chilli cream sauce, or quail flambe marinated with five spice powder prepared at your table.

The restaurant is inviting. Subdued colors of purple and brown say relax, take a breather and have a good meal. The family owned restaurant boasts a casual white table cloth atmosphere. A dining room set apart from the main dining area is inviting if you’d rather have your meal in a smaller room. The tables are nicely spaced with fresh flowers for each.

There is a full-service bar for cocktails and weekly specials recited by the wait staff. The Blackstone Grille also serves lunch.

How would you describe the restaurant’s atmosphere?

Wang: When we were building out the restaurant, we wanted to create an intimate setting with excellent acoustics so we put in plush carpets and special ceiling tile. The lighting is soft and selective. People can come in for a fine dining experience in a casual place.

What is your food philosophy?

W: Our menu has a medley of global flavors, our steaks are USDA prime cuts, I go down to the fish market for fresh catch, and I enjoy making unusual sauces to accompany our meals. We serve a wide range of dishes such as rib eye served with a bordelaise sauce, grilled salmon with mango, cucumber dill salsa, tea-smoked duck breast with an apricot-shallot demi glaze, or tropical fruit salad with mixed greens and pineapple, mango and apple topped with mango vinaigrette dressing.

What is your signature dish?

W: One of the best ways to appreciate my Dad’s culinary creativity is to order his four course tasting menu which changes when he is ready to offer yet another interesting twist into his dishes.

What would you recommend for a first timer?

W: When I bring people in, I like to start with lump crab cakes and have a filet mignon au pauvre served with red wine reduction black pepper sauce in truffle oil. For seafood, I like to suggest pan seared sea scallops sauteed in a caviar light cream sauce.

Located in: Shops of Bartram Walk Address: 112 Suite 102, Bartram Oaks Walk, St Johns, FL 32259 Phone:(904) 287-0766 Hours: Open today · 11AM–2:30PM, 5–10PM               Menu: blackstone-grille.com 

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