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Top 10 Restaurants in St. Augustine for a Taste of Spain

Top 10 Restaurants in St. Augustine for a Taste of Spain As St. Augustine turns 450 this year, visitors are flocking to northeast Florida to experience the rich history and beautiful beaches of America's oldest European settlement. But the icing on the big birthday cake is getting a taste of the local flavor at the area's cafés, wineries and pubs. St. Augustine is the birthplace of America, and it's also the birthplace of American cuisine. America's beloved barbecue is said to have roots in St. Augustine, a brilliant collaboration among Timucuan Indians and the Spanish, African-American and Caribbean settlers. FULL STORY

Seasonal, local, fresh: A recipe for fabulous

Were it not for the ultra-modern food and cocktail concepts, one would think they’d stepped back in time when they walk through the Ice Plant Bar doors. The women wear pretty cotton dresses and the men button-down shirts with suspenders. More than one male employee sports a vintage, early-1900s mustache, too. Everything from the multi-paned industrial windows to the clear glass bud vases filled with purple and white flowers is intended to invoke the 1920s and 1930s — an era when the building was truly an ice plant and workers hoisted 300-pound blocks of ice around with hook grapples and cranes. The old ice plant was purchased by the Dettra family and McLemore family three years ago with the intent of converting the old building into a distillery and bar. Read More

Whetsone chocolate cabernet wine sauce

Though Henry and Esther Whetstone started out in the ice cream business, they began experimenting with chocolate almost immediately. By 1967, they were selling 13 flavors of fudge and an assortment of hand-dipped chocolates. Read More