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Giant peace sign formed in Hastings

By CONTRIBUTED More than 125 people gathered Sept. 20 in the Al Wilkie Field in Hastings to celebrate International Day of Peace. The fourth installment of Peace in the Park, the event included games and activities promoting peace and compassion. The event was sponsored by Pie in the Sky, a local gr

Focus on the 450th: Len Weeks is a man of many talents

By KIMEKO MCCOY While some of us may have a hard time wearing the hat of one job, one St. Augustine man has many hats and manages to perform a balancing act while wearing all of them. St. Augustine’s former mayor, Len Weeks, is a father of three, a businessman, a leader

Teen is Oldest City’s youngest ‘soldier’

By KIMEKO MCCOY Looking at Jason Davis Jr., many would see a normal 13-year-old boy complete with tennis shoes, a graphic T-shirt and cargo shorts. In his spare time, he goes bowling, with an average of 160, and plays outside. However, there’s something different about D

Pedro Menendez senior learns more about the Oldest City

By KIMEKO MCCOY It’s common to be a hard worker in the senior year of high school, but Pedro Menendez High School senior Ben Damus gives it a whole new meaning. 450th Youth Ambassador Ben Damus does it all. He is in Pedro Menendez High’s International Baccalaureate Diplo

Spanish replica fountain worth searching for

By Sue Bjorkman Many of St. Augustine’s historic sites are impossible to miss. It would be rare to visit the city and not notice the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument or the Bridge of Lions, for instance. Others, like the The Fuente de los Conos de San Francisco,

St. Augustine’s 400th vs. 450th celebrations

By KIMEKO MCCOY About this time almost 50 years ago, the people of St. Augustine were in the midst of a big celebration. There was the nightly fiesta known as Days of Spain. Buildings were restored and reconstructed, and there was an overall celebration. Some of the most

Planned 450th legacy projects

By KIMEKO MCCOY   The projects may be different but the folks in St. Augustine’s hearts are still in the same place. Nancy Sikes-Kline, city commissioner, said the most important aspect of the 400th commemoration versus the 450th commemoration is its inclusiveness.