Saturday, April 21, 2018

Aug. 16, 1900: Big pineapple

A mammoth pineapple weighing over 10 pounds was shown in town this morning.

Aug. 15, 1565: Menendez on the way

Pedro Menendez and his fleet leave San Juan, Puerto Rico, for the final leg of the voyage to La Florida.

Aug. 14, 1901: Conchs vs. Ocala

2,000 spectators witnessed a game of baseball on the fort green. The Conchs defeated the visiting team from Ocala by a score of 9-8 in a most exciting game.

Aug. 13, 1883: New sign wanted

CF Hamblen petitions to run signs across Charlotte and Hospital (Aviles) Street from his store fronting on King Street the petition was granted, provided his neighbors did not object.

Aug. 12, 1848: Prescriptions for the poor

At the request of Dr. Seth Peck, the City Council agreed to pay for medicine for the poor who are unable to afford prescriptions. A pharmacist agreed to fill the prescriptions written by Dr....

Aug. 11, 1879: No watermelons

The Board of Health prohibits the sale of watermelons and the throwing of offal over the sea wall.

Aug. 10, 1900: Wrestling match

Fred Walton, the winner, and Clarence Capo tested their strength and skill in wrestling match at Ponce de Leon Springs off Masters Drive. An admiring group of spectators encouraged their favorites and enjoyed the...

Aug. 9, 1901: Spanish opera performed

The people of the city will have an opportunity to see and enjoy a genuine Spanish opera at a trifling expense. The company is a strong one and includes a number of high class...

Aug. 8, 1900: New roundhouse

The new roundhouse is a building of considerable importance at the railway depot. A large force of men are employed for its construction.

Aug. 7, 1900: Scorching bikers

Practice of bicyclists scorching (speeding) at night on principal business streets should be checked. The simpletons who make a practice of it jeopardize others as well as themselves.

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